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I celebrate your soul when I look through my lens.

Well hello! I'm Caroline

I live for capturing gorgeous moments, dipping my toes in the Pacific, tangerine sunsets and sharing life with wonderful whimsical human beings who share their love story.

A drive down PCH, a walk around Balboa Island, a frozen banana from Dad's, or a drive up the coast to capture a proposal; it gives me life.

I'm avid lover of art and a self-professed museum junkie. From the Met to the Getty, arts & antiquities, from Egyptian to the Fauves, wonder and awe, and artisanal craftsmanship draws me in. I've studied art, taught art, and lived as an artist most of my life. I am a creative through and through and love to share and inspire others, whether it's my own toddler daughter painting or showing me her make up skills ;) sharing creative ideas with foster children, teaching arts and love of the ocean to kids, I am blessed to have created a life in my native hometowns, of Newport and Huntington Beach.

You will find in me as a photographer, a great listener, a kind compassionate storyteller, a confidant and someone who values the importance of family and memories shared. I'm a type A personality who thrives on details and can execute on a dime. I grew up in a big Italian family where life could be a little loud & crazy, yet beautifully creative. Whether food or artistry, the love, laughter and abundance shared where everyone at the table became dear friends just feels like home. Many of my clients have been welcomed as life long friends.

When I was young my mom was the family historian, a brilliant scientist, a talented seamstress, painter and cook. My dad was jovial, the prankster, lover of surf and 1960's corvettes & speed boats. Saturday rides down PCH got in my soul blaring the Stones, "You can't always get what you want." As you can imagine, life with them was beautiful and rare. So when I lost my dad too young and my mom to breast cancer in my 20's and she said, please go do something you love with your whole wasn't a far stretch to know that making images & making art by the ocean in beautiful places was my calling. I took time to travel all over Europe with dear friends, see art, heal and create new stories with my own art. I moved back to California by way of Texas and NYC, and have been thriving here ever since.

Along the way, I met my husband, Moon. Yes, that's his real name. His parents were surfers, inventors, creatives. You might have heard of the Boogie Board. It's a thing. So as you might imagine he's a real life MacGyver, with a wild wit and the ability to constantly find his way. Survival dude. Electrical lighting designer. Coral's dad. Man of many titles. He's my partner, my hubby, a brilliant second shooter, and the guy I'd want on my team if we were stuck in Yellowstone or a remote island. But that's another story for another day.

Tenacity. Even in my own life's journey and battle with breast cancer, my resilience, passion, faith, and enduring spirit guided me through to heal & regain my health. Some months later we were blessed to be foster parents and earn the title of adoptive mom and dad. It's quite a gift to have a beautiful family, to share and create those memories. And with that I knew my purpose was to continue to create and give more. Being invited to share, document and record those beautiful moments for the future is such an honor and the depth of meaning, well, it's not lost on me.

I love this area and believe there is an understated beauty and elegance to a life that is lived well & simply. We celebrate life along the coast with love, with family and the awe inspiring beauty of surroundings that create some of the best memories.

I'd love to meet you and celebrate your love story in all its gorgeous moments.



How it all began..

Created my first photogram at age 5 & I. WAS. HOOKED. Magic emerging in sunshine in rich blue hues of a photogram.

I craft stories in a fresh new way. Leave the BS behind. I'm a brand aficionado who will uncover your story: bold, authentic, unapologetic. Let's capture a feeling, a moment, along the coast or wherever wonder takes us. 

Graduated NYU Tisch School of the Arts, BFA in Film &Business. 20 Years of photographing gorgeous faces, places & brands. I'll bring out your beautiful, approachable, amazing best. Despite all the incredible NYC stories capturing the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabar, Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Elizabeth Shue, Gloria Steinem and Alice Walker, I'm a beach girl at heart, happiest with my feet in the sand and a camera in hand. I can't wait to work with you. 

Orange County Photographer. Wedding Photographer, Proposals and Engagements are kinda my thing. I adore when couples have a playful irreverent steak and share laughter and love captured in celluloid.

As a Commercial Professional photographer specializing in weddings, events, people & interior design. Artist. Along the way I've designed large events, photographed icons, had speaking engagements, crafted a podcast sharing my journey in A Beautifully Curated Life.

Onward:Forever Creating Couture Portraits & Unforgettably Gorgeous Images.

Clients include Sony, Hard Rock, Marriot, Momentum, Modern Bride. Founded 1999. Weddings in '01. My superpower is in the moments where someone tells me it can't be done, oh but watch me do it!

Stylish. Playful. Irreverent. Always all heart.

I live for capturing gorgeous moments, dipping my toes in the Pacific, tangerine sunsets

Our Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

Lean into laughter with your best friend. Confide and let go. The art of capturing you, as you are, in all your beauty and wonder. This is the SCP experience.

Authentic, Gorgeous, Playful. And just a tad bit irreverent. Understated luxury at ease along the South Coast. It's who we are and what we do...capturing the beauty of this life. Traveling the journey through the lens wherever whimsy and wonder may take us.

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“Photography is a love affair with life.”

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