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Welcome to Studio Caroline Photography, I'm Caroline, your photographer & aficionado on all things wedding, coastal style and calm in the chaos of a beautiful day filled with joy and awe. Understated elegance is captured with ease with my whole heart and soul behind the lens, I'm thrilled to share my passion for immortalizing love stories and crafting memories with the art of photography.


Meet Caroline Morey: The Creative Visionary

As you step into my world through www.caroline-morey.com, you'll quickly discover my love affair with love stories along the California coast and beyond. There are special places, too, like Hawaii, Italy and Greece, where love takes hold and my commitment to curating visual stories that are as timeless as they are breathtaking - the anchor for all I do. With a background rich in creativity and I have finely tuned my craft and honed it over decades. With an impeccable sense of timing, design and artistry, my connection to you allows the beauty of love unfolding on your wedding day to always shines through. I've dedicated myself to being more than just a photographer—I'm a storyteller, a moment-weaver, and a curator of memories.


Newport Beach Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire, Destinations: Maui and beyond

Nestled in the picturesque charm of Newport Beach, I specialize in capturing the essence of luxury coastal weddings. Each event, whether an intimate affair or a grand celebration, is an opportunity to craft visual poetry. Visit www.studiocarolinephoto.com to delve into a world where every stolen glance, every tender touch, and every joyous tear is eternally preserved and translated into a photographic work of art to be displayed and enjoyed for generations to come. Always celebrating love and life in an understated elegant coastal style with ease and joy.


Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Commercial Side

But Studio Caroline Photography isn't just about weddings—it's about elevating brands to new heights with imagery that speaks volumes. From interior designers, to stylists, from small brands to large organizations; I bring a keen eye for detail and a creative flair that helps you shine in a world dominated by visuals.


A Sneak Peek into My World

In case you're wondering who's behind the lens, let me give you a glimpse into my story. As a seasoned photographer with an insatiable thirst for creativity, I've made it my mission to turn moments into masterpieces. I began my love of photography with photograms in the sunshine at age 5, a scholarship from Fuji and Kodak took me to learn and explore at NYU Film School where photography became my focus. I trained in studios in NYC and made my way back to the west coast where Studio Caroline emerged in 2001. I am so blessed to have had so many amazing opportunities to work with clients whom I am grateful to call friends and for accolades and recognition being internationally published . I've had the pleasure of working with brands like Sony, Marriott, Hard Rock San Diego, Tarsadia, Disney and so many more. My passion goes beyond the click of a shutter; it's about telling stories that resonate, crafting elevated visuals that linger and become timeless, and capture the truest essence of life's most beautiful moments; your story..


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