All good fairy tales start with "Once upon a time..." and the best ones, a bit of pixie dust.

This particular story is about a girl named Jacquelyn and a boy named Brandon who found themselves at one of the #happiestplacesonearth. The story began on March 19 when Brandon much to Jacquelyn’s surprise bent down on one knee and ask her to marry him. And while they got a few photos, nothing like they’d hoped for. Ah, I love a good #proposalstory. Jacquelyn shared that the photographer got a few shots but so moved to tears, not quite the photos to document the moment. So we stumbled upon each other in a Disney Magic Key friends group and enter a bit of pixie dust, What a wonderful couple and a fun story to share. I’d always wanted to capture the love, whimsy and wonder and the #beautifulchaos of making it real… unfolding in one of my favorite places. So we conspired & dreamed up some fun ideas, made a wish list and a plan to meet early one morning when the park is quiet and again at sunset to capture their wildly, sweet & whimsical love story. Take a look on the pages to see their love story unfold. What a privilege to document amazing moments and become friends with this amazing couple. Congratulations you two!