David & Aza

I love conspiring to create any good surprise, but when it comes to surprise engagements; they're next level. Absolute favorites! Gives me life. I can't tell you how much fun it is to chat with someone who has some fantastic ideas to surprise his girlfriend when she is least expecting it or maybe even if she has a clue....it's a great joy and an incredible honor to be a party to it, documenting this moment where it seems a little out of body as you are about to endeavor into something big. A great big beautiful unknown that holds such incredible promise.

Maybe it goes back to one of my earliest clients, who had me sneak the champagne inside my camera bag...but I have to tell you I have a love affair with being part of this.

David and I spoke a few times and brainstormed about best approach for a smooth proposal that would seem natural. I knew the property well as I lived just up PCH in Woods Cove. We went ahead a few days and captures some location scouting images, highlighted all the best spots, and talked strategy. David let me know he liked the location I suggested on the point overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The had plans to be at the hotel for lunch and a meeting. The couple went for an afternoon stroll taking in the gorgeous views at The Montage Laguna Beach property where you can see the ocean in every direction. It all was going according to plan. He found his way with Aza to the designated spot and the proposal went really smoothly. Afterwards, he pointed out that, there I was , across the way, capturing all of the beautiful details. I made a short video of the two to commemorate the moment. Take a look to see how the story unfolded on this beautiful fall day along the coast in Laguna Beach.